Energy Audits

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Where does the energy escape in YOUR house ?

Windows are a major source of Energy loss in the home


You should also check the


Duct Work


Water Heater

Electrical Appliances/lighting

An Energy Audit by a Certified Green Professional can save you Hundreds of dollars annually that you may be losing.

Some companies are charging several hundred dollars for Blower door tests, and Infrared tests. These are very good, and do a good job, BUT ARE COSTLY.

Others offer so called “Free Energy Audits” which turn out to simply be a way to get a salesman in the home to sell their particular product.

You MAY in fact need windows, or insulation, or a new a furnace. But it is best if you actually have data specific to YOUR HOME to confirm that.

NORTHWEST ENERGY MANAGEMENT offers an ENERGY AUDIT that will cover the important areas of your home, and will provide a DETAILED REPORT outlining any specific needs and offering suggestions.


We will inspect/evaluate  the Insulation, Duct work, Hvac system, Water Heater, Windows, Appliances, Lighting etc. and provide  you with a detailed report with suggestions, recommendations, advice


Along with your report, we will give you DISCOUNTS on  ENERGY EFFICIENT  PRODUCTS  and SERVICES you may need  such as Insulation, Duct work, HVAC, Windows, etc. through our network of Qualified green contractors which can save you $1000’s of dollars. 

These contractors are committed to providing Northwest Energy Managements clients the highest Quality at an affordable price.

Your TOTAL INVESTMENT is for the Audit is 



Invest a little…..Save  a LOT !

Please contact us for an appointment.

The Audit will take about 40 minutes, and there is no obligation to buy anything.

Call us at 360-931-6138 or  email us Here

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