Diagram Of A Window

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Diagram of an Energy Efficient Window

Windows come in many styles and shapes and we need to look at many things to ascertain exactly which window is the best choice for you.

First, let’s look at the Parts of the Window itself.

Window Parts

  1. Head
    The main horizontal piece forming the top of the window or door frame.
  2. Jamb
    The main vertical parts forming the sides of a window or door frame.
  3. Frame
    The enclosure in which window sash or door panels are mounted.
  4. Glazing
    The act or process of fitting a window or door with glass.
  5. Pane
    A framed sheet of glass within a window.
  6. Sash
    A frame for holding glass.
  7. Sill
    The main horizontal piece forming the bottom of the frame of a window or door.
  8. Muntin Bar
    Any small bar that divides a window’s glass. (In older wood windows these are actually individual windows, today however , these are mostly in between the two panes.

Now lets take a look at Styles of Windows

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